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Incandescent Bulbs
Our Heavy Duty Incandescent lamp
lasts 20 times longer than the
standard incandescent lamp!
Incandescent bulbs are made in a wide
range of sizes and voltages, from 1.5
volts to about 300 volts.

Most of the electric energy going into
an incandescent light bulb generates
heat, not visible light.

The efficacy of an incandescent light
bulb is less than 20 lumens per watt.
Incandescent Lamp
The incandescent lamp is widely used in commercial lighting, for portable lighting, such as
table lamps, electric flashlights, and for decorative and advertising lighting.

Incandescent lamps produce light by heating a filament. As the temperature of the
filament increases, more visible light is produced. However, high temperatures also have
an impact on the life of the filament.
Environmentally Safe Products since 1977
Superior Lighting Sales represents Superior Lamp ... the industry leader in the
design, development, and manufacture of long-lasting Incandescent Lamps and Bulbs.
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You Should Know:  Some jurisdictions have or are
considering banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs
in favour of more energy-efficient lighting.