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Electronic Ballasts
Ballasts vary greatly in complexity.

Our Electronic Ballasts offer superior lighting
performance and energy savings -- making
their use more cost-effective.
Our Enviro-Safe® Heavy Duty Electronic Ballasts are guaranteed for an amazing 50
  • Reduces energy costs
  • High efficiency reduces powerplant emissions
  • Long Life reduces Ballast disposal costs
  • Maximizes lamp life

Small, Lightweight Design
  • Up to 44% more energy savings
  • 62% Lighter weight design
  • No hum or flicker
  • Easier to install

Intelligent Electronics
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Less than 10% THD

Heavy Duty Construction - Designed for Long Life
  • Rivet style soldering
  • Resists heat and vibration
  • Extra Large metal heat sinks-
            -transfers heat away from critical components and protects electronics
  • Silica-based fill compound -
            -resists leaking
            -aids in heat dissipation

Save Lamp Costs!     Save Ballast Costs!
Superior Lighting Sales represents Superior Lamp ... the industry leader in the design,
development, and manufacture of long-lasting Electronic Ballasts.
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Additional Ballast

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F32t8 & F96T8
Dual-Volt Adjusts
to 120 or 277
volt systems
Environmentally Safe Products since 1977
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