Energy Saving & Eco Friendly Lighting
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  • Fluorescent Tubes, all sizes,
  • Incandescents, all types -
           Metal Halides,
           Mercury Vapors,
           High Pressure Sodiums
           30 Year Ballasts.
Lighting Solutions
Superior Lighting Sales has a reputation
that is unparalleled in the Heavy Duty industrial
lighting field. Our company markets only the
highest quality lighting products.

We carry all types of replacement bulbs.
All our products are rated to last 18 times longer than
the standard household bulb.

Our product line includes even those hard to get bulbs.

We are dedicated to serving our customers with our product guarantee and Energy Saving
light bulbs.

Industrial -
          For those areas that are difficult to reach,  
          excessive vibration or need for additional light
          output. Check out our full line of Superior Lamp  
          Heavy Duty industrial products.
Fluorescent Tubes
Incandescent Bulbs
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Energy Saving & Eco Friendly Lighting
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