Fluorescent Lamps
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Fluorescent Lamps

Our fluorescent lamps have a
5 year warranty.  

Superior Lighting Sales' fluorescents
are Full Spectrum!  

Using our bulbs is like working under
natural sunlight.
They are the brightest and whitest lamp in the
industry and they contain less mercury than all of
our competition.

  • 69% Brighter
  • Reduce Eyestrain
  • Reduce Glare
  • Do not lose more than 5% Light Output
  • Contain Low Mercury Levels
  • DO NOT Flicker
Durable End Seal
Brass Pins
Silicone Coating
Cathode Gaurd Shield
Lighting has a significant impact on health, comfort, safety, productivity, and performance.  
It has been proven that employees become more productive and perform well in an
environment with proper lighting.

Our goal is to vigorously reduce consumption of non earth-friendly items and simultaneously
offer an alternative choice of products that are better for the planet.

Make a recognizable investment in your business with energy savings bulbs from
Superior Lighting Sales.
Environmentally Safe Products since 1977